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Patient Testimonials

We value our patients' experience at Foxworth Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Raymond Foxworth


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

Dr. Cefalu takes time to listen and personalize a treatment plan that works for me. I have had an overall great experience at Foxworth Chiropractic! I'm finally getting the treatment I've needed for a while. 

Erin R.

I really enjoyed my visits to the clinic. My symptoms have improved, and I have already recommended friends to make an appointment due to the immediate results I have seen. Tammy's massage technique and expansive physiology knowledge is perfectly complemented by Dr. Cefalu's adjustments.

Caroline M.

The staff are amazing and very friendly! They are also very professional and provide high quality care to each patient. I would absolutely refer friends to visit. EVERYONE is so courteous and friendly. Dr. Cefalu is amazing!

Rachelle B.

Everyone was so friendly and helpful! Dr. Berry was great in developing a plan and producing effective results! I will be recommending friends to visit.

Brenda B.

When I visited the clinic, I really liked how friendly and knowledgeable the staff were. I also liked their professionalism, and the beautiful space. Their awareness of Coronavirus and cleanliness in the office made me feel at ease. I have already referred friends to visit!  

Margie B.

My favorite thing about the office is that everyone is so friendly and makes you feel great! I would highly recommend my friends to visit. 

Bridget K.

I have really enjoyed my time at Foxworth Chiropractic. I like how everyone is friendly and knows me by name. Dr. Berry has done wonders for my back. The clinic is wonderful! Keep up the good work. 

Candice W.

I like everything about the office. Dr. Berry and the staff have been very helpful. Dr. Berry is very willing to listen to my issues and has helped reduce my back and neck pain. I tell friends and family that I am seeing her and how helpful she has been!

Julie H.

Some of the things that I love most about this practice is the atmosphere and professionalism. The staff have fun interacting together and involve you in everything. I would absolutely recommend them to friends and family because everyone that works there and gets treated there enjoys being there. A big plus is that it has helped my back pain! 

Shannon C.

My favorite thing about the practice is the friendly atmosphere and the team work involved in making my visit count each time. The staff is very caring, and I would highly recommend them to friends and family. 

Justin K.

I loved everything about the office. The staff is very courteous, there is no wait, and Dr. Berry is so knowledgeable and a miracle worker.  I had no idea how much this would help my condition, but it has been a game changer. I have told tons of people about the success I have experienced and they say they might try it. 

Jennifer C.

I am thankful for the level of attention Dr. Berry showed regarding my vertigo. My symptoms have reduced greatly in the past 24 hours, and I no longer experience vertigo with my normal triggers. I really appreciate her and the team! 

Gretchen F.

I absolutely love Foxworth Chiropractic Clinic! I have attended this Clinic since it was located on Terry Road in Jackson, MS., I Started treating with Ray Foxworth and his Dad Dr. Matthews. When they moved to Flowood, all I could do was move right along with them; I could not allow them to leave me behind. You never have to wait, appointments are always on time, whether morning or evening. After all these years they continue to keep my spine healthy and keep me going. My Husband and I both see Dr. Cefalu or Dr. Berry; both are excellent Chiropractors. I recall leaving home one morning and could hardly straighten up, but I left walking upright and feeling a lot better. Recently, the same thing happened to my husband, he woke up and was in such excruciating pain in his back that he could not straighten up. I suggested that he go to the Chiropractor. I called and explained that he needed to come urgently, they told him to come in; he saw Dr. Berry, (got home feeling like a different person) now, every time he has any kind of pain, he wants to see that Lady Chiropractor. I don't care what anybody says, chiropractic really works.

Leonia h.

I've been a patient at Foxworth for around 10 years. They are awesome! I even trusted them to give my 4 month old an adjustment! I wouldn't go anywhere else! My only complaint is Dr. Cefalu moved to the Madison clinic. But Dr. Berry is good, too, I've just seen Dr. Cefalu for so long!

Kristi W.

Everyone here is always happy and helpful. Great service and you'll always leave feeling better, at least I do.

Ward R.

Love Dr. Berry, she gives a great adjustment and alternative recommendations to my health care needs.

Autumn S.

I loved this chiropractor Her name is Dr Shearer and she is precious and has a sweet bedside manner. Not sure who the assistant was but she is awesome too I went in and could hardly walk but I feel better now. Hopefully I will continue to get better. Will be back there on Monday. ;)

tanya f

Great staff! Excellent care! Close to home!

Christine S.

Dr. Berry is amazing! Adjusted from the head to the toes. Standing straight this morning and no shoulder pain.

Belinda M.

I have been a patient at Foxworth Chiropractic for several years now. They have always treated me well and continue to provide outstanding care!

Bethany L

Yesterday was my first day. The staff as well as the doctors are very friendly, caring, and very nice all around Awesome Environment. I'm going to love this care from them. I highly recommend this practice. I can't wait to go back. Thank you all. See you soon!


Such a sweet staff.

Melitta W.

Love this place! Highly recommended all staff is very friendly.

Kelsey W.

Victoria was great. Staff was friendly and not a long wait.

Melissa P

Such a great experience. Dr. Shearer was extremely thorough and comprehensive. She explained everything to me in detail, and I truly appreciate that. She’s also very gentle, but efficient!

Ashley W

Always THE BEST, courteous, helpful, "speedy" and informative!

Vickie B

Friendliest individuals you could ever encounter. I had to cancel my appointment due to a death in the family and this awesome group sent a card in the mail expressing their condolences to me and my family. Would recommend to anyone.

Regina M.

I have been suffering from severe neck pain for a little over 3 months and chronic/daily back pain for 12 years. After just one adjustment, I already feel some relief in my neck. Dr. Shearer was very kind and attentive to my specific needs. She explained the process in advance which put my mind at ease. I would definitely recommend Foxworth Chiropractic to friends/family in need. Bonus:The staff was friendly, too.

Crystal K.

This is an exemplary business. The staff, facilities, their making me feel more than merely not a number; being made to feel an involved partner in treatment. All this: Five Stars. IN ADDITION: Dr. S. Neely Berry is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable doctor. With every visit, she pursued a course of treatment that incrementally went down my spine. After every visit, I had to adjust the mirrors and seat in my car, because my spine was getting more and more in line, better with every visit. I took her advice and invested in both a cylinder pad for that therapy, and also a BackJoy® device, which has also been a real game-changer. I have also had to turn the volume down on my television and other audio devices, because her chiropractic regimen of treatment literally released something connected to a blockage in my hearing. I can literally hear better after her skilled hands healed my spine. I use the word 'healed' because that's most definitely what it feels like. Thanks so much, Dr. Berry, Jennae, and all the friendly, intelligent, helpful staff. FIVE STARS IN EVERY CATEGORY POSSIBLE. -Kendall Johnson

Kendall J.

Awesome chiro's at this practice. Dr Cefalu is great! Dr Berry is equally as good...
They offer convenient hours, have 3 awesome doctors, a treatment room and a very good staff that take care of everything.
Holistic health is the ticket to good health...
I highly recommend this group and any of their doctors.

Stevey G

I just started going and ive been treated so well, i was injured at work and he is helping explain things even my normal back doctor has yet to touch. His knowledge and expertise seem very good. The staff is super friendly and im at ease during my appointments. I really could not imagine going anywhere else for treatment at this point.


Many years ago I was referred here by a neurosurgeon and Dr Foxworth helped me be able to get back to life without pain. I thank him and all the staff for everything.

Glenda R.

Such a caring and professional staff. Thanks Foxworth Chiropractic for all you do for me and my family.

Melanie T.

Great care, awesome staff!

Dr. Marysol R.

I am very happy with the service that I have received. Everyone is very nice to me including Dr. Neely. she has really helped me with my issues. 

HH 3/19/19

Efficiency! Great healthcare service received in a prompt and courteous manner! 

DS 12/3/18

Everyone's smiling face. Even when you are hurting, smiles ease the pain. 

LM 11/5/18

I was very apprehensive about using Chiropractic care. Since conventional medical care was not effective, I dedicided to give it a chance. Dr. Berry has been my angel of mercy! From the first visit, she has guided my care with very positive results. i am very thankful. She has explained every aspect of my care. The results speck for themselves! 

DB 9/6/18

I must admit that my treatment and results have been astounding. Dr. Neely's technique is amazing! I was recommended to her by a cashier at a local mall, and I have experienced what she'd said about Dr. Neely. I am very impressed with my results. Thank you! 

JC 9/1/18

My family and I love this clinic. Dr. Berry has literally been a lifesaver. Love being part of your family! 

SL 8/14/18

Always the best from the time you walk in till you leave!! The entire staff makes you feel cared for. We have been going there for years. Dr. Berry is the best!!

Patricia O.

The staff and atmostphere is very calming and comfortable. They are all very attentive. I love it and wouldn't go anywhere else! 

LH 8/14/18

Very welcoming, professional staff. Dr. Berry was extremely good at explaining exactly what she was doing and the effect it was intended to have throughout the appointment. Will definitely be back and refer others!


I have enjoyed my initial visits. Dr. Cefalu was very thorough, and he was focused on my needs rather than, like most doctors, hurrying to finish and get to the next person.


The professional manner of Dr. Cefalu. Very patient and a good teacher regarding spinal issues.

GR 7/20/18

Staff is very friendly and helpful. I am very pleased with my care.

LA 7/3/18

The promptness of service and the professional and friendly demeanor of the staff.

AS 6/2/18

Friendly educated staff. natural remedy for my migraines.

RN 5/10/18

No lengthy waiting time.

RL 5/3/18

The way they helped me care for myself. Very clean office and very friendly staff and doctors. I thank my doctor for recommending me to this office. I really like the late hours, which allowed me to get off work and come in for my office visit. Most of all I have felt better since coming there.

LL 4/19/18

The staff and doctors were very kind and professional.

SW 3/14/18

Everyone is so nice and makes me feel comfortable. Very helpful.

MP 2/8/18

Dr. Rodriguez really took time to explain my injury in a detailed manner that I could understand. He really made me feel comfortable every visit. The therapy staff was also very helpful and understanding.

LD 1/31/18

Dr. Rodriguez has impacted my life in more ways than he can imagine. I spent 2 years going to a variety of specialist to try to figure out why my back hurt so bad. It took Dr. Rodriguez about 10 minutes of hands on examination to get a good idea of what was causing my pain. After 2 years of tests coming back normal and doctors not believeing me when I told them about my pain, deciding to come to Foxworth Chiropractic has truly changed my life. I can feel my pain slowly diminishing and I can now

TT 1/25/18

Clean, updated, professional.

DM 12/16/17

Friendliness and knowledge to treat a particular anatomical problem. Knowledge, friendliness, and professionalism.

TH 11/9/17

What a great staff. I felt like everyone was geniunely interested in helping me improve.

DM 11/3/17

I like the staff’s friendliness and Dr. Shearer’s knowledge/expertise. Great care all around.

CB 11/2/17

After the very first visit I had significant relief from pain. I appreciate the friendly and caring atmosphere.


Welcoming atmosphere – and staff/doctors really listen to my issues. Friendly staff and extended hours.

EJ 11/1/17

Y’all are awesome! Loving environment. Very comfortable space.

RH 10/27/17

The treatment and professionalism of the staff. The overall clinic is great.

MW 10/26/17

Professional atmosphere. Courtesy and concern about my health. Personalized treatment.

DF 10/26/17

Everyone is very nice, prompt, and courteous. I have absolutely NO complaints!

JM 10/25/17

Friendly, relaxed atmosphere. I’ve had great results.

ABS 10/6/17

Promptness. Very good experience.”

MW 10/5/17

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